Marquee - Scrolling text and images in your website

This is a simple HTML code to create scrolling text in your website. The scrolling will stop when you hover the mouse cursor over it and start when the cursor is away from it. If you don't want that feature, just remove this : onmouseover=this.stop() onmouseout=this.start().

The direction part is obviously the direction in which the scrolling will happen. You can use, up, down, left or right.

scrolldelay will help you set the speed. 1 is normal speed and 190 is slow. So, if you want to slow down the scrolling, then use a higher value.

<marquee width=200 height=700 direction=down onmouseover=this.stop() onmouseout=this.start() scrolldelay=190>

>>>>>Your text or image image links here<<<<<


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