Wunderlist - Microsoft's answer to Google Keep

I've posted earlier about note keeping apps like Google Keep. The recent and most advanced note keep app is now available from Microsoft, Wunderlist . Wunderlist was originally a German company which was acquired by MS in June 2015.

The app has real cool features like smart reminders, due dates, task delegation and so many more that are required to get things done.

The best feature I like is the task assigning part and then you can chat in that task window, on the progress of the task.

There are options to change the background and enable/disable email notifications. You can opt to receive email on every activity and reminder.

Another cool feature is the email to reminder converter. If you send a mail from your registered email to Wunderlist using the email address me@wunderlist.com, your email will appear in Wunderlist Inbox and you can move it to the folder or note you want to follow up.

If you add a note, "Go to the market tomorrow", then the app will detect the word "tomorrow" and automatically add a reminder for tomorrow morning. See how the word "Monday" was detected and the date for Monday was taken automatically and a reminder was added for Monday, 19.10.2015, 9AM.

It is a very intelligent app and there are loads of features to help you get things done. The lists are available on any platform, so you can access your list from anywhere.

Check it out.

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