Location-based reminder in Google Keep

Many people like to keep notes and it is very important and good to keep notes about what we want to do. I have used many applications for note and reminder keeping, but now I use Google Keep. Most other reminder and note keeping apps have time-based reminders which need no explanation. They remind you stuff at a time you set.

Google Keep has a new feature which is, location-based reminders. Google Keep has time and location based reminders. The good thing about location based reminders is that if you want to be reminded something when you reach a particular place, then we can set that in Google Keep.

So, the next time you go to the super market, your phone will remind you what to buy, or when you are at a friend's place you can be reminded to ask him something you always wanted to know, but you keep forgetting when you meet him.

 Here's how you do it.

Download Google Keep from Play Store and install it. Then you add a new note in the Google Keep app and set a reminder. You'll have two options,

Select the option "Pick Place". Start typing the location name and you'll get the options from the auto-complete list.

When you pick a location, the note will be saved and you'll be reminded of the note when you reach the location you have selected.

As of September 2015, there is more good news. Google Keep is now available in iOS too. Enjoy!!!

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