Two ways to get rid of an enemy

Everyone's got enemies. From the time you are born, you'll have an enemy. It could be a sibling,  some kid at school, your teacher, sometimes your parent and when you are grown up, some dude at your work place. Getting rid of them is something we can never do. Sounds close to impossible. But don't worry, there's a solution to every problem. Here are two ways to get rid of an enemy.

1. Destroy him / her.

This is a method you shouldn't follow. It's just a method. If you do this you could get into a lot of trouble. Also, remember that this is an easy way out. But, that's only in the beginning. Later on, you'll have to struggle through it. May be, you'll make more enemies following this method.

2. Make him / her a friend.

This is a method you should follow. At first, you'll find it difficult, but once you establish this, you can make them dance to your tunes. Remember that this is a way to get rid of his / her enmity.  Just because you made him a friend doesn't mean you should trust them. Keep them at a distance, and pretend to be friends. Offer them a gift or give them a treat. This will disarm them. They will not take a weapon against you. Once they are yours, you decide to keep them or destroy them. Remember not to  kill the duck that lays golden eggs. This method is tough in the beginning. Later on, you'll love seeing your enemy dance to your tunes.

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  1. Hello Shilpa,
    I like your point of views on the issue.You have made a fair comparison between two extreme possibilities. keep writing