How to cut part of your screen

PrintScreen option is great. But if you want to capture only a part of the screen, then you have to paste it in MSPaint or any other similar software and then cut it. You can also use Alt + PrntScr to capture the window that is on the top. But then, it is still not very convenient.

In most modern operating systems like Windows 7 or later, there is a tool called Snipping Tool. This tool will give you the flexibility to cut a desired portion of your screen.

Use the Windows button + 'R' to open the 'Run' window.

Type in 'snippingtool.exe' and hit Enter.

This is an example of Free-Form Snip :

You can click on 'New' or select the way you want to capture the screen. Then go to the window or area you want to capture and draw across. This will capture the part of the screen and give you options to copy it to the clipboard, or highlight a portion of the screen, etc. You can try it out and play around with the option.

 You'll find many places where this tool will be helpful, for example, while sending an email or while chatting with a colleague whom you want to show some examples.

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