How to add share buttons to your website

Good content is always shared. Gone are the days when people had to copy the link to your post and add it to their email or social networking sites. There are ready to use options available now. You can easily create social buttons or, use the default sharing buttons provided by Blogger, Wordpress or any other hosting services.

If you want your share buttons to stand out, or stay static in your website, then you can use third-party apps like the one provided by You'll also have many options and websites where you can have visitors share your content. There are many third-party share button providers, but the one I found easy to install and use is the one from ShareThis.

Visit the site and click on :

This will take you to a page where you can select your blog or website service provider.

Choose the blog provider and then click next.

Select a style and click next.

Design the buttons according to the way you want it.

Click on 'Get Code' to get the code which you can paste in your site. There will be instructions on how to add the buttons to your website. Instructions vary depending on the place where your site or blog is hosted.

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