How Citizen Eco-Drive watches work

Did you know that there are millions of watches lying in many homes because the battery is dead? Many people stop using the watch and buy new ones wasting money and creating electronic wastes.

This is where Citizen Eco-Drive watches changes the way people use watches. Eco-Drive is a technology that uses light energy to power the watch. The watch takes light energy from natural and artificial sources and converts it to electrical energy, which is stored in the watch to be used to power the watch.

Once the watch is fully charged, it will continue to run for almost 6 months even if it is kept in the dark. So one full charge can power the watch for 6 months. If you use it in normal lighting conditions everyday, the watch will always remain fully charged and there is no need to wind it or change the battery. Overall, we can call it a maintenance-free watch. Don't worry about the watch getting overcharged. It comes with an Overcharging Prevention Feature. The watch comes with a guarantee of 3 years, 3 months and 3 days.

 Below diagram shows the parts under the glass and how it is powered.

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