How to open a link in a new tab without right clicking

 There are many situations where we might not want to navigate away from a search results page, but would like to open the search results links in new tabs.

Most people right click on the link and select the option, "Open in new tab", which is time consuming and prone to mistakes, because you might accidentally click on another option, like, "Open in new window".

Here are 2 simple ways to open links in new tabs.

1. Place the mouse cursor above the link and press the scroller wheel on the mouse.
2. Press the Ctrl button on the keyboard and (left) click the link(s).

These two options will help you in easily opening new links without navigating away from the page you are currently in and you can have a wonderful browsing experience.

Try this on the below link and see how easy it is :

How to take screenshot on an iPad

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