How to keep your Desktop clean and load the OS faster

We always have a lot of icons on the desktop which sometimes makes it difficult to find what we are looking for. Also, it doesn't look appealing to have so many icons on the Desktop.

So keep your Desktop clean, create a new folder and name it 'Desktop Cleaner' or something creative. Now create more folders within the new folder like, Pics, Resume, Facebook, Work Files, Imp Docs, etc. Sort and save files in the corresponding folders.

This way, the only folders that will be on your Desktop will be the default folders and the Desktop Cleaner folder. This will also help you find your stuff more quickly and prevent your Desktop from being crowded with files.

Another use this approach has that most of us don't know is that it reduces the loading time of the operating system. If the Desktop is crowded, then it'll take more time to prepare the files to be ready to be opened.

Enjoy a fresh and clean Desktop.

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