How to add more security to your email accounts

Is your boyfriend trying to hack into your email account? Are you weak at remembering complex passwords? Recently, there is an increase in account thefts and hacking on the internet. You have to make sure your emails and accounts are safe and not hacked. If hacked, all your personal information will be at risk. You could also lose your favorite email address.

Big companies like Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, etc provide a two-step verification option to protect email accounts.

Here's how you can set it up. This example is that of Yahoo, but all the mail service providers have this option in more or less the same way.

Click on the gear picture next to your name. Choose settings.

Once you are in "Settings", click on "Accounts - Edit your Account info".

Under "Sign-In and Security", click on "Set up your second sign-in verification".

"Get started".

If you've already registered a phone number with your account, click on "Use current phone", otherwise you need to "Add new phone".

In case you are using your current phone, you'll get the below window when you click on "Use current phone".

You'll receive an SMS on your mobile phone with a 5-digit code. Enter the code as shown in the above window.

If you are using another computer, then you'll receive an SMS with a code again. So this is like your bank account OTP (One-Time-Password).

You can register a device by generating a temporary password to allow that device to by-pass the 2-step verification.

Read the contents of the above window and then click on Generate password.

You'll need to generate separate passwords for each of your devices. One temporary password is valid only for one device. This option will prevent others from accessing your account even if they are brilliant enough to guess your password.

Enter this app password into the device you are trying to set up.

This password will be listed in your account. If for example, you sell your iPhone, you can come back here and delete this app password. So that device will not be able to login to your account.

Once you have the 2-step verification set up, you can always manage it here.

Clicking on "Manage your app passwords" will allow you to generate a new password for another device.

Clicking on "Generate Password" will give you another temporary password and you can register a new device or app with this password.

This will help you make sure that no one is able to access your privacy outside yourself.

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