Don't spoil your car's looks by writing the fuel type on the fuel lid

With Diesel engines entering small cars, there have been many incidents where the wrong fuel is being filled in the car. If you are going somewhere urgently and you face this situation, then it will be very disappointing. Moreover, it'll take hours to get the car's fuel system cleaned up.

To avoid this situation, most people get the fuel type written on the fuel lid. But I've always felt that this doesn't look good, no matter how beautifully it is written.

But then, if it is not written, then there is the risk of the wrong fuel being filled in your car. Some fuel stations also have the system of announcing the fuel type to remind the staff and the customer of the type of fuel that is going to be filled. But that is not done is all fuel stations.

So, the best way to avoid wrong fuel and at the same time keep your car looking good is by getting the fuel type written inside the lid.