Incrementing by dragging in Excel

If you want to enter a list of numbers, but don't want to type them all, then here's a way to do it very simply. This is a simple but very effective trick.

Type in the first two numbers to show the increment interval.

Notice the tiny black square in the bottom-right-hand corner.

When you place the mouse over this small black square, your cursor will change to a small plus shape.

When the cursor shape changes, click on the black square and drag to the bottom till the number you want is displayed.

 While you drag, a tool tip will show the number you've currently reached.

 Here you got 14 numbers in a second. If you have to enter 100 or more numbers, a manual effort will be time consuming.

You can set the interval as you wish. If you want to increment by 2, then enter the first two numbers with an interval of 2.

A simple click and drag has numerous options and you can try all those by playing around a bit.


The options are many. I leave it to your imagination to explore them.

Double-clicking on the small black square will auto-increment up to the number of entries in the previous column.


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