How to use one adapter for all mosquito repellent liquid bottles

 Every time I buy a new mosquito repellent liquid bottle, I bring it home to find that it doesn't fit any of the adapters I have at home. I have around 10-15 adapters, of different companies, jumbo ones, small ones, if fact of all sizes, shapes and colors. But, the new bottle I just bought doesn't fit any of them. Aaaarrrggghhh!!!

Maybe this is not an accident. Companies want you to buy these adapters every time. If you have an adapter, they'll stop producing bottles that fit that adapter. They keep changing the sizes of the bottles and the adapters.

Sure, this will make you upset when you find out you can't use the repellent bottle you just bought. What do you do for the night? Take the adapter with you every time you go shopping? Go out again and buy both the bottle and the adapter at an "offer price"? No.. No.. No.. not anymore. Here is a simple idea to beat this product strategy and brand rivalry.

Plug the device up-side-down. LOL.

Drop the repellent bottle (of any shape and size) into the adapter, like this.

Now you can sleep peacefully without worrying about mosquitoes or about the bottle not fitting in the adapter.

How does this work?

You might've noticed a black stick in the bottle (and a little bit coming out of the bottle too). This stick is a porous  material (graphite or something similar). When you turn on the device, the heat it generates, causes the liquid repellent to come out of the bottle through this stick in very minute quantities. Then the heat vaporizes the liquid and this keeps the mosquitoes away.

The only reason why the liquid bottles and the adapters don't agree to stay together is because the bottle neck is different every time and you won't be able to screw the bottle to the device.

If you plug the device up-side-down, you don't need to screw the bottle to the device at all, and it stays in place.

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