How to unlock HDFC Debit Card and netbanking to enable shopping

Have you seen "Transaction Failed" after selecting that beautiful pair of shoes and when you are almost done with the transaction? It's really disappointing especially if you don't have another debit / credit card.

Most HDFC bank customers face this situation of getting locked out when trying to complete an online shopping transaction. You'll be able to swipe your card at supermarkets and also able to login to the HDFC net banking for this account. Then what is happening when I'm trying to buy my favorite brand shoe?

The reason for getting locked out is, you might have entered wrong answers to the security questions that are presented when shopping with this card. To resolve this issue,

Login to HDFC net banking.

Click on "Third Party Transfer". The next page will present you with a lot of options on the left-hand side.

 Find and click on "Modify Secure Access Profile" and under this click on "Change Question Answers".

 You'll then be able to select questions and you can enter the answers too. These questions will be asked the next time you do an online transaction using HDFC netbanking or debit card. So, select questions and enter answers you are sure to remember.

 When you click on "Continue", you'll be asked to confirm the questions and answers. Click "Confirm" if you are sure.

 Enter card number, ATM PIN of the card and the Card Expiry Date and click "Confirm".

 Put a check on the mobile number registered with this account to receive a One-Time Password to re-authenticate yourself and click "Continue".

You'll receive a One-Time password on your mobile phone that is registered with this account.

 Enter the OTP and click "Continue".

 Good News!!! You are done. Next time you shop for your favorite stuff, you'll not be locked out unless you wrongly answer the security questions. Happy shopping!!!



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