How to translate hard-copy text to a language of your choice

 My wife had some irritation in her left eye and she came to me with a pack containing eye drops that we bought from Germany. The instructions were in German and we couldn't understand a thing. So we first thought of sending a pic of the instructions to her sister who lives in Germany because she understands German language. But that would take a long time for her to see the mail and then reply back with the translation. How about typing the instructions into Google Translate at Typing all that will again take time.

So, what is a quick and easy way to translate the instructions on the pack containing the eye drops?

If you have a smart phone or any tablet device, download an app that converts pictures into text.

In my case I used an iPad. I already had an app called Pixter that converts picture to text.

Click on the 3 dots and set the source and destination languages.

It doesn't matter if the picture is not rotated. The software understands the text irrespective of the positioning of the text.

  Crop the image as necessary