How to save and dial an extension directly

If your office number is 66445533 and your extension is 2145. Your family and friends will have to call you on 66445533and then wait for the IVR and then dial your extension number 2145 when instructed to. They have to remember your extension to dial it when asked for. The long wait isn't worth it.

Here's a simple solution to directly save and reach any extension without any waiting. Enter the number and then the extension followed by a comma (,). This will dial your number and then pause (P) and automatically dial your extension to reach you directly without any IVR. Most phones use a comma, some phones use a 'P' for pause.

Now you can save the phone number as shown below. Add the extension number followed by a comma or a 'P' as featured by your phone. Long press the period key (.) and you'll find more options including the comma (,).

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