How to enable the telnet feature in Microsoft Windows

If you encounter the below error while trying to telnet to a port,

 Go to Start - Control Panel

 Click on the "Turn Windows features on or off" option.

You'll be taken to the Server Manager.

Click on "Features".

Click on "Add Features".

 A window will be displayed that shows all the Windows features that can be enabled.

 Check mark the feature you'd like to enable (in this case Telnet Client) and click "Next".

Click on "Install" to install the feature. This will enable the Telnet Client feature in the server.

You can test it by issuing a "telnet" command. If you get an empty command prompt, then the telnet command was successfully executed.

If you feel that the feature you tried to enable hasn't been enabled, then, a restart of the machine will be required as mentioned in the above image.

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