How to correct someone

Everyone will some day arrive at a situation where there will be a need to correct someone. One thing to remember in such situations is that you should not make the other person feel inferior. When you correct someone, no doubt you are doing him a favor, but the sad part here is that he/she will feel, you are trying to show off and make them feel low.

Most people don't share knowledge and are safe from being disliked. But those who share knowledge thinking they are helping others, are at risk of being disliked.

So then, how do you correct someone or share knowledge without being disliked?

One way is to start a blog. That won't be possible in real life situations, for eg. in your office or any immediate situations. There is a simple method to correct another person in a very socially healthy way.

Lower yourself first.

Don't correct someone in a dominating or sarcastic manner. Trust me, you will lose that person from that very moment.

But if you correct the person of a mistake by stating that, "it is alright to make such mistakes" or "this is a common mistake" and even better, "I made the same mistake during my early days". This way you can win the person and he'll be grateful to you for making him/her comfortable while correcting him/her.

So the next time you feel the need to correct someone, start by saying, "This is a mistake everyone makes including myself... ". Because if you don't you not only will not accomplish your task of correcting person, you'll be disliked and he/she might not take your word seriously.

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