How to combine contents of different cells into one

 Combining contents of different cells into one cell is also called concatenation. So we use the "concatenate" option available in Microsoft Excel to do this.

Notice the formula bar. The concatenate function is used here and it combines the contents of the cells A1, B1, C1, D1 and E1.


The above image shows how concatenation is used with random cells. Here we didn't follow any order. The cells were selected randomly. And the combined data comes in the order the cells were selected.

Another way to combine or concatenate contents of different cells is by using the "&" symbol, as shown below : 


See the formula bar and you'll understand how concatenation works with the "&" symbol. But there is a problem with using this method and that is, the selection of cells have to be in order and random won't be a good option.


We used random, but Excel returned a value error.

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