How to add the Facebook Like and Share buttons in your website

Click on the options marked 1 and then 2 to see more settings.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page that follows the "See More Settings" link.

Click on "Developers".

You'll see a lot of interesting options. But for our purpose, we can select :

Click "Learn More".

Look to the left of the next page and you'll see a lot of options you will need and which you can experiment with, to see if they are suitable for your website.

When you select the "Like Button" the advantage is that now Facebook allows you to add a Share button too if you wish.

1. Allows you to show a thumbnail of those who liked your website.
2. You can include a Share button like I mentioned above.
3. Click "Get Code" to get the code to paste in your website.

You can select any of the four options that suits your website. I prefer IFrame because it is easy to add anywhere. Once added, you should be able to see the Facebook Like and Share buttons in your website.

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